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I guide friends, families and partners of someone who has a life limiting illness. I offer support at the time of diagnosis, throughout the final years, months and weeks of life, around the time of death, as well as throughout the following months of bereavement. You may access my services at any stage.

Urgent Support Package

Guiding you in transforming an overwhelming end of life experience into a slowed down, meaningful goodbye with the person you care about. I support you in:

  • Creating a meaningful end of life where your loved one's wishes are honoured

  • Gathering the essential information to create an end of life plan

  • Preparing you emotionally for your loved one’s death

  • Suggesting comfort measures

  • Providing symptom management techniques

  • Recommending what to say to the dying person

  • Offering ways to bring in spiritual practices

This package is great if you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do or where to start, how to make your experience or your dying loved one’s better and cope with more ease. You may have little time left to say goodbye and get their affairs in order or perhaps the person has died suddenly and you want to transform this shocking experience into a meaningful one which aids in healthy grieving. 


I provide a space where you are validated in your experience. I also offer ways to tend to grief at any stage of the transition. 

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